In a past life I worked in an advertising agency.
I made press ads, posters and TV commercials.
But what I really liked was Rugby football, design, drawing cartoons, beer and books.
So I became a Rugby writer who also happens to design, illustrate and photograph his own books.
I am now retired and I don't do any of that any more but I do still enjoy a beer. Who doesn't?
Here are some of the non-advertising things I've done and what people have said about them.

First, London's Oldest Rugby Clubs and two reviews – from Rugby Times and Rugby World.

Then my very first book, A Front-Row Guide to Rugby Union Clubs. What great fun it was to put together – along with rugby-writing geniuses John Griffiths, Gareth Coochie Chilcott and Mick Cleary plus beer-drinking genius Dave Urwin.

By the way – that's me and my lovely wife Lynne sitting at the table at the launch which was held at my club, the mighty Sarries. With us are some of my favourite Saracens – Stu Wilson, Greg Botterman, Lee Adamson and Brian Davies.

Then there are a few bits and pieces that my aforementioned friend Dave Urwin and I produced while we were at Saracens. They would occasionally let us loose on the programme, the fools. Those were the days.

After that is my friend Rohan Candappa's book,
Viva Cha! Rohan is a best-selling author, and his books are not only very funny but thought-provoking, too. He very kindly asked me to draw a few cartoons for this, his sixteenth masterpiece. It was a great honour to oblige.

Cover for London's Oldest Rugby Clubs.
Two reviews for London's Oldest Rugby Clubs.
Cover for A Front-Row Guide to Rugby Clubs.
The author signing his first book, surrounded by his proud wife and several astonished Saracens.
Two spreads from A Front-Row Guide to Rugby Union Clubs.
A review for A Front-Row Guide to Rugby Union Clubs.
Cartoons and more for Saracens.
Cartoons for ace writer Rohan Candappa's book Viva Cha!

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